A blend of commercial acumen and focussed sales strategies brings a fresh approach to recruitment training

Consultants need a new range of skills to navigate the current sales and business landscape. Talking to a C-level exec or business owner takes more than just rapport or a 4-step sales process.

This isn’t a re-hash of recruitment courses from the 1990s – each module has been designed based on what we see current top billers do – we’ve added our own splash of neuro-science, fresh thinking and learning magic to make it easy to understand, use and get results from.

We have over 30 pick ‘n’ mix modules that can be delivered face to face or run in one of our virtual sales academies.

Each module, delivered in 1-2 hour bite-size workshops includes follow-up support materials and actions to help managers embed the training back at the desk.

We can deliver each module below as a stand-alone session or create a recruitment academy tailored to your business’s needs and academy goals.

Candidate Modules

  • The Candidate Profile call
  • Candidate Motivations
  • Selling a Job
  • Lead Generation
  • Candidate Update calls
  • Candidate Generation
  • Headhunting
  • Interview Prep
  • Interview Feedback
  • Candidate Control

Client Modules

  • Intro to Business Development
  • The Call Opening
  • Finding & creating needs
  • Selling your solution
  • Negotiating rates
  • Business Development strategy
  • Taking and using references
  • Cross Selling
  • Candidate Specs

Job Modules

  • The Vacancy Consultation
  • Advert Writing

Couldn't speak higher of this session. I'm relatively new to recruitment but this has given me a fantastic grounding to build on my basic skills. We were given loads of different techniques that we could implement on a daily basis, which have already resulted in success.

Alex RobertsonInstinct Resourcing

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