Modular sales management programmes, providing the skills to develop high performing teams

There’s never been a more challenging time to be a manager

The Billing Manager’s role is unique. Balancing personal billing targets and managing teams can be a stretch!

Add on coaching, developing and managing performance and it becomes a continuing challenge to master all – and few managers excel in all elements equally.

A good billing manager needs to select, engage and retain top talent and coach and performance manage them while maximising effective selling time. whether it’s developing your first-time managers, experienced managers or creating future leaders, we’ve got this covered.

Our starting point - measuring your managers current capability

We harness our collection of new manager, experienced manager, competency assessments that we use in all our programmes. These assessments help define the starting baseline. 

Each of our programmes includes participants and their managers completing these 180 feedback assessments to enable them to track progress throughout the programme and highlight key development points and outcomes required. 

The questionnaire is then retaken at the end of the programme to show competency increase and continued development points. 

New managers

Support and upskill your new managers

Experienced managers

Enhance your experienced managers and prepare them for leadership

Create managers of the future

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